Himalayan Adaptation Network

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Tripura 20 years tourism plan

20 years perspective plan for the sustainable development of tourism in the state of Tripura

CAMPA Annual Plan Tripura

Annual Plan of Operation under Tripura CAMPA for the year 2019-20

Disaster Management Plan Tripura

Disaster Management Plan 2019-20


Integrated watershed management programme

Impact of dugra idol immersion on Haorah

Impact of dugra idol immersion on Haorah river: A trend analysis

Pollution load assessment water bodies

Pollution load assessment of water bodies of Udaipur: Amar sagar, jaganath dighi, mahadeb dighi.

Fish feeding adaptation

Fish feeding adaptation by Rhesus Macaque

Impact of Biodiversity in Tribals

Impact of Biodiversity in Tribal life of Tripura

Tribal life in environment Tripura

Tribal life in environment and biodiversity in Tripura, India

Status of Rudrasagar Lake (Ramsar Site)

Status of Rudrasagar Lake (Ramsar Site) in Tripura

Special area demonstration scheme

Special area demonstration of project schemes for renewable energy systems.

Policy on promoting Renewable Energy

Policy on promoting generation of electricity through new and renewable energy sources in tripura.

Road Map Vision Tripura

E-governance Road Map Vol-1 for Tripura

Climate Change study


Agriculture Area Classification

The list of the different agricultural land classification from 1991 to 2018 to understand the LULC.

Renewable Energy,Tripura

The list of renewable capacity and installed capacity in Tripura

State Forest Report 2011

Forest and Tree Resource in States and Union Territories (9.26)

Tripura State of Environment Report

Gives an overall view of the report on the environment of the state.

Environmental constrains Tripura

Environmental constrains and sustainability in tripura

North eastern region development program

North eastern region urban development program 2 (agartala,Tripura) || Environmental monitoiring rep

Report of Solid waste management Tripura

Report of Solid waste management of Tripura state

Development investment program- Agartala

North eastern region capital cities development investment program- Agartala water supply

Records for the flora of Tripura

New distributional records for the flora of Tripura, India and their ethno-medicinal uses

State level perspective plan Tripura

State level perspective plan for watershed development in Tripura under Integrated watershed mngmt.

Experience of SRI in Tripura

More Rice, Less water, small state, big results: Experience of SRI in Tripura, India

Tripura JICA

Various projects towards the community and forest development.

North East Rural Livelihood Project

North East Rural Livelihood Project/ Livelihood based Agri business and market study in Tripura

Socio economic empowerment of tribal

Socio economic empowerment of tribal and rural poor and protection of natural resources, Tripura

National Wetlands Inventory Tripura

National Wetlands Inventory and Assessment